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Please stay away from Vforce Infotech/ Vsquare Infotech/ RWG (Rapid Web Global) aka Gain America.

This consulting company operates by different names. Every time a complaint is filed against them, they change their name. This company is fraud. If you decide to move on in your life for the betterment of your career, they'll try to pull you down in any way they can. They have held my 3 months of salary despite completing all the exit formalities with notice period of 1 month.

These people can stoop down to any level they want to bring someone down. I have been trying to reach out to them over emails, but they haven't taken the pain to answer my questions.

Please beware of Krishna Vemuri aka George, Jyoti Vazirani aka Sonali and Pallavi Dutta. These are the master minds behind these companies.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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The VForce/VSquare fraudulant methodology. Ran a crash course, falsified resume added 10 years experience, and placed candidate(s) at Verizon Piscataway. We have 100% credible evidences against this staffing group.

to COncerned #1455993

Hi Please,My company feels it has been the victim of fraudulent activities by these guys also, operating under the name RWG America. How can we contact you? Thank you.


has any one resolved breach of contract and how ?


Did anyone got their issue of lawsuit resolved ? I have the same issue.

They send me breach of contract lawsuit papers.


V-Force entices vulnerable candidates using free training (from 2pm to 4pm in Iselin), and is notorious for resume fraud. They operate by billing margins obtained from fraudulant placements. It is high time BBB and DOL take action.

to Anonymous #1098716

Hi ..

I am about to join vforce as a BA trainee . It's just now tht I discovered such shady reviews about these guys ..

I am in urgent need of job and don't know Wht to do .. Shud I join vforce or not ..

Wht is their working strategy ? Can u mail me at sgoel773@gmail.com



Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #962426

I have the same situation. They have filed a lawsuit for breach of contract.

Now I need to find a way out. Need immediate help.

Anyone knows a good attorney or have faced similar situation. Please help.

to Vforce ***ks #972709

please fight for your right and if you need help then talk to jeff as he is ready to help you else there will be so many people who will be suffering due to this company

to Vforce ***ks #1170895

how did you resolve this ?>

San Francisco, California, United States #928033

I am a journalist looking to speak with tech workers, and especially student workers from overseas. I welcome all tips, including anonymous ones. -- Jeff - jeff.elder@wsj.com 704-650-4130

to mrjeffelder #972999

please go to this website http://newjerseyfraudconsultancies.blogspot.com/

and you will get the story and that is the truth. If you really want to help then do something about this so that many people will be saved from their trap and the way they are getting money from people and not paying taxes on that.

How is this company still in business after cheating so many people and with wrong doing as their business strategy is not clear and good. Why is employment agency not doing anything and how come the court is not looking into the matter that how can so many people be sued from the same company and the company is still having good reputation. |There is something wrong on the company side too. If there are so many people complaining then there is something wrong.

Jeff I will request you that if you give legal protection to people who want to talk to you then u will get the real face of these people.

I really feel that if you read this post and feel the pain of so many people then please do something. Also people need to send letters to the Employment department in DC so they will also know what is going on either it is small or big way but this needs to be stopped.

to Anonymous #982430

I have read that blog post. As a reporter, I need to speak to people. Please contact me jeff.elder@wsj.com


I got a legal notice from them three day ago regarding contract breach. they introduced the client and I joined that client full time on H1.

My visa has been transfered to my new employer.

As per the contract I can not join my client till one year which has been ended before 5 months.

They are threatening me to take legal actions against me.

Any advice or information will be helpful. Please share contact details of lawyer if you have one.

Thanks in advance.

to Victim of Vforce New York, New York, United States #901218

I'm in similar situation. I called it quits and joined the client directly for a full time position after 1 yr of being exploited by Vforce.

Now the *** Asif is threatening to send me legal notice because apparently I could never join a client or client's client or anyone related within 50 miles of radius till 1 yr after leaving Vforce.

Wtf!! Has anyone been in similar situation and has any tips on how to wean them off???

to Rogue #964364

I hired lawyer and I am fighting with them. I will take them to the court.

to Anonymous Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #964496

So seems like we all one way or the other are victims of this company, though case is strong but hiring attorney is expensive. If anyone is already working with one, please do suggest.

As, it will always be Archer & Greiner vs you......

Did anyone made settlement ever, what's the minimum they settled on with ?

to Anonymous Henrico, Virginia, United States #1025451

Hey. Which lawyer did you hired??

Im in kind of same situation right now. Thanks.

to Anonymous Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #1025836

Hello, I am in the similar situation right now. Did anyone hired a Lawyer ?

I have heard from some people that they went in court and then after 1st hearing they pulled their case back.

I am going to complain in DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and will file a discrimination and harassment for money as well as falsifying the immigration process and filing H1-B. Can any one suggest me some lawyer names as i want to take them in court as well.



This seems like a shady consultant. I was just there yesterday for a demo session.

They lacked professionalism at the demo session, so I can assume what it would be like after that. Everyone, except first time visitors, seemed unhappy and you can sense the malaise here.

Thank you to all that has commented so that others do not fall into their trap.

I, also, sympathize with the problems some of you face and hope you are able to resolve it sooner.

Office address:

485C US Highway 1 S, Building C, Suite # 105, Iselin, NJ 08830

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada #848523

These people are now moving to canada, i have recently come across them, got a call from them few days back and they said they would be offering me a job and i am fortunate enough that i googled and saw your comments and came to know these company, apart from pallavi there is one more guy named abhinav whose is calling. so heads up to the new people like me whom they might contact and thank you people for the reviews

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